Brock Hewitt: Stories In Sound ∞

New-Age, Contemporary, Film Score, Folk, Indie, Piano, etc ∞.

Brock Hewitt has been involved in music since any early age when he first picked up the guitar. Over the years he has gained proficiency in many instruments including Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums and Vocals, adding all of these assets to his skill set. Brock is trained in music theory through the Royal Conservatory where he continues to study. Currently studying at McMaster University for Business & Music, Brock is a part of the University’s Jazz Ensemble where he plays Guitar and Bass. He also works with Orchestra groups where he composes and arranges. Brock has worked with many bands and musicians from varying genres over the years. He performs live as an artist (Brock Hewitt: Stories in Sound) at various venues, yoga studios, meditation events, cafes, festivals and corporate events.  Brock has a combination of Creative and Business knowledge to take the lead in the production of various projects in music and film. Through conveying emotional elements of music as the key Brock is able to create an atmosphere that will touch the listener on an intimate level.



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